We have developed sample navigation system using QGIS (Quantum Geographic Information System), which is a free and open-source GIS program (QGIS.org, 2022).

Various types of sample images are used as navigations maps that can be overlayed as multiple layers;

  • Optical  microscopy: reflected light, transmitted light
  • Electron microscopy: secondary electron (SE), backscattered electron (BSE), cathodoluminescence (CL) images and X-ray maps

We align SIMS X-Y stage coordinate to sample map using in-house QGIS plugin that operate SIMS X-Y stage by clicking the location on the map.

For more information, please visit Micro-QGIS tutorial

Dedicated QGIS plugins are publicly available: WiscSIMS plugins for QGIS

  • Preselection of analysis locations on sample maps with spot names, which are converted to SIMS X-Y coordinates at the time of SIMS analyses
  • Post-SIMS data processing on sample images, such as line profile (see also Linzmeier et al., 2018).
  • We can move the SIMS X-Y stage to the preselected locations on the sample map in the QGIS program with accuracy of ≤ 2 μm.