Fee Schedule

WiscSIMS receives a subsidy from NSF/EAR Instrumentation and Facilities Program (link), and external NSF-funded investigators receive priority in allocation of instrument time and are eligible to perform analyses at a subsidized rate.

  • The current subsidized rate is $1,800/day (12 hours), applied to US federally-funded research.
  • The unsubsidized academic rate is $3,600/day (12 hours).
  • Commercial or confidential analysis is also available at a rate of $10,000/day (12 hours).

Analysis of extraterrestrial samples is outside the scope of the NSF/EAR Facility Program. The rate for US federally-funded meteorite research is $2400/day (12 hours) and the unsubsidized academic rate is $3,600/day (12 hours).