Publication and Acknowledgement


We request that any data produced from WiscSIMS lab explicitly recognize NSF support in the acknowledgements of the journal articles with the following sentence: “WiscSIMS is partly supported by NSF (EAR2004618).”

WiscSIMS subscribes to the UCLA Protocol for collaborative research.

“While all the personnel of the ion probe group take an active interest in assisting visitors, we have always sought flexible arrangements in defining our specific roles in the projects of external facility users. Specifically, this means that we have no requirement (explicit or implicit) that WiscSIMS scientists become actively involved in scientific interpretations, and certainly no expectation for co-authorship on routine data acquisition work. It has been our experience, however, that many visitors seek our expertise in the interpretative aspects of their work and many projects have tangibly benefited from collaborative efforts. We believe that it is not only useful, but necessary, that the facility be staffed by expert scientists who are not merely technologists but are also actively engaged in geochemical research.” (link)