Bin Fu, Technical Assistant (Australian National University)
Takayuki Ushikubo, Research Scientist (Kochi Institute for Core Sample Research, JAMSTEC, Japan)
Zeb Page, Associate Professor (Oberlin College)
Philipp Heck, Curator (Chicago Field Museum)
Craig Grimes, Assistant Professor (Ohio University)
Anne-Sophie Bouvier, Research Scientist (Université de Lausanne, Switzerland)
Rudraswami Gowda Research Scientist (National Institute of Oceanography, India)
Kevin Lepot, Lecturer (Université Lille 1, France)
Ayumi Hyodo, Lab Manager/Asst. Research Scientist (Texas A&M University)
Ken Williford, Research Scientist (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Ariel Strickland
Daisuke Nakashima, Lecturer (Tohoku University, Japan)
Navot Morag, Research Scientist (Geological Survey of Israel)
Reinhard Kozdon, Assistant Research Director (Lamont–Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University)
Travis Tenner, Scientist (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Akizumi Ishida, Assistant Professor (Tohoku University, Japan)
Noel Chaumard
Maciej Sliwinski
Céline Defouilloy, Application Specialist (CAMECA-France)
Andreas Hertwig, Scientist (Heidelberg University)
Huan Cui, Assistant Professor (Mississippi State University)
Ian Orland, Geoscience Program Coordinator (Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey)
Mari Scicchitano, SIMS Scientist (GFZ, Potsdam, Germany)
Guillaume Siron, Scientist (University of Bologna)
Ben Linzmeier, Assistant Professor (University of S. Alabama)
Katie Robinson
Jeff Hannon
Kohei Fukuda, Assistant Professor (Osaka University)


Aaron Cavosie, PhD 2005
Jade Star Lackey, PhD 2005
Jacque Kelly, MS 2006
Penelope Lancaster, MS 2007
Ian Orland, MS 2008, PhD 2012
Dayanidi Ortiz, MS 2010
Jason Huberty, MS 2010
Raiza Quintero, MS 2011
Ashley Russell, MS 2012
Ben Linzmeier, MS 2012, PhD 2017
Anthony Pollington, PhD 2013
Chloë Bonamici, PhD 2013
Meagan Ankney, PhD 2014
Jake Cammack, MS 2015
David McDougal, MS 2016
Jody Wycech, PhD 2017
Emma Cameron, MS 2017
Tyler Blum, MS 2013, PhD 2019
Adam Denny, MS 2016, PhD 2019
Brittany Hupp, PhD 2021
Rachelle Turnier, MS 2017, PhD 2021
Cameron Batchelor, MS 2018, PhD 2021